Paper houses, candy apples, and card theft

It’s been pretty boring around here lately–until today, that is. More on that later.

The munchkins have discovered the joys of paper crafts. This only started because my son is totally interested in city building games right now. I went hunting about for city-related educational materials, with an eye toward urban planning.


Know what I found?


I found one set of guidelines for sending out a group of high schoolers to check out their city and make a note of where everything was. I was hoping for some grids with instructions about how to sketch in your zones, your utilities, roads, etc. You know, Sim City on paper. Apparently any kind of city planning isn’t important to our school system.

Anyway! We compromised by building paper houses and cars. It’s quite a satisfying craft. I read the kids an article about how a settlement evolves into a town and then into a city, which seemed to scratch the itch.


My only recourse will be to hit the library and ask for city-related materials for kids. Looking forward to this weekend!

Here’s a snack that I want to make as soon as possible. I have a severe weakness for honey caramel.

Honey caramel apples (no corn syrup!)


How could today have been worse? Well, my hubby checked our bank account and found that our debit card had been stolen, and our checking account emptied.

Fortunately, the sap who stole our number only got a lousy 15 bucks. If they had waited until Friday, they would have cleaned out my hubby’s entire paycheck.

My hubby had an afternoon shift today, so he had time to run to the bank, get the charges reversed and the card closed. The bank said that this has been happening a lot lately and didn’t bat an eye.

So, all in all, it could have been a whole lot worse. My hubby (weirdly) didn’t have a morning shift, he caught the problem, only a little money was stolen, and the bank issued him a new card right there. God was definitely watching out for us.

One thought on “Paper houses, candy apples, and card theft

  1. Oh nooooo! I’m glad the thief only got $15! God was watching out for you guys for sure!

    One of my FAVORITE ever school projects was when I was fairly young and my mom had me design a map. I think I had to put a few buildings on it, a lake, roads, etc. You could do something like that…design a small town map. 🙂


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