First day of autumn

It’s the first day of autumn, finally! Living in Arizona, and temperature below 100 is something to celebrate.


For the past few days, we’ve had a big storm system passing through. It’s rained and flooded everywhere but Phoenix (the kids were so disappointed). Last night we had a decent thunderstorm, though, and it cooled off a lot. It probably got down in the 70s, even! 😀

So we had the weird experience of opening all the windows, but keeping the AC running, because the house was still too warm.


Autumn wallpaper from InterfaceLIFT

Today for school we’re doing a baking day. I read on a homeschooling blog about a gal who incorporated cooking into her curriculum, and I thought it was a great idea. Cooking is a survival skill, useful in all areas of life. So this morning I handed my eldest two my Betty Crocker cookbook and told them, “Pick something out.”

I’d initially figured that they’d go for cookies, but they want a cake. Yellow cake, chocolate frosting, two layers, the works. I figure that it will be very educational. And it’ll be delicious afterward!

4 thoughts on “First day of autumn

  1. Hey your blog looks Great!!
    I loved all of the pictures. I think baking is a good skill for all children to learn. Not to mention it is great to have helpers in the kitchen. I am so glad it cooled off for you. Well I guess we all got pitched a shut out on this last storm. My friend in San Diego got zip. My friend in Utah didn’t get anything and of course we didn’t even get clouds.
    I am glad you got some rain last night.
    Have a lovely day.


    1. Yeah, it rained real good down in Tuscon, but that was it. I had to change my blog because it got hacked again. *shakes fist at hackers*


  2. Happy Autumn! XD

    It’s rainy here in SoFlo in the 80s-90s.

    I like the idea of having your kids do cooking. That’s essentially home economics! Not only is it a survival skill, they could also learn how to make a balanced meal and food presentation for hospitality purposes 🙂 I remember I was graded on presentation when I was in school in Jamaica (we’re pretty British, lol).


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