Various happy things

Back in July, I had a post about how my hubby and I were going off gluten and going on a fairly minor diet to address some health problems. My thyroid was hypo and the doctor wanted to start me on synthroid. I held her off by asking if I could address it with diet first.

Well, here it is September. In two and a half months, my thyroid has completely gone back to normal. Here’s what I did:

I followed the diet to get off the Ten Bad Foods.

I studied up on the effects of gluten on your thyroid.

I studied up on the effects of selenium on your thyroid.

I went through the archives of Dr. Glidden’s show (he’s a holistic doctor) and listened to everything he had to say about how the thyroid works and how to fix it.

I beefed up on my 90 essential nutrients, and started taking selenium and that fish oil stuff.

Result: normal thyroid. The funny thing was, the doctor never asked how I fixed it. It was like she totally didn’t want to know. That blew me away. It wasn’t that hard, and wouldn’t she want to tell other patients? She’d mentioned that everyone she’d tested lately had hypothyroidism. (Arizona has zero selenium in the soil, so we’re sure not getting it from food.)

So, in my search for foods that are gluten free and don’t taste horrible (my coconut flour cobbler was a disaster), I happened across this recipe for peach crisp that uses chopped walnuts and shredded coconut for the topping.

Peach Crisp from Detoxinista
Image from Detoxinista. Isn’t it beautiful?

It was WONDERFUL. The kids all had seconds and would have finished off the pan if I had let them. The topping tastes like granola. I used butter in the recipe instead of coconut oil, because oddly, the 10 bad foods diet includes all bottled oils including coconut oil, but lets you have all the butter you want.

So that’s been my week. I’m really happy that this holistic health thing has worked so well. Also I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. Except for, you know, being seven months pregnant. That’s never fun no matter how healthy you are. :-p


3 thoughts on “Various happy things

  1. I am so relieved and happy too!!! Not to mention that this stuff works! I still ponder why didn’t that doctor want to know why and how you healed your Thyroid. That is interesting there being no Selenium in Arizona.


  2. How awesome that you were able to fix your thyroid on your own! And that cobbler…I have to pin that one. 🙂

    It seems like more and more doctors these days are just apathetic! My mom mentioned some subtle health issues she’d been having, and asked if maybe she should see a naturopath or something. The doctor was like, “Um, yeah! You do that,” like she didn’t even want to try to figure it out and would rather my mom just go somewhere else. So, so odd.


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