Kids at the playground

They’ve been doing a lot of renovations around our apartment complex lately. One of them included putting these bouncy toys into our (fairly lackluster) playground.


Naturally the kids attached themselves to the new toys.

Here is H’s “everybody else is on the toys” face.


Easily fixed.


And the other two, galloping along on what’s either a dinosaur or a dragon, I’m not sure which. C adores dragons, so she thinks this toy belongs to her.


It’s been nice and cool the last few mornings, and we’ve tried to make the most of it by getting outside. It does make for much calmer times at school.

2 thoughts on “Kids at the playground

  1. How nice they have new toys on the playground. I bet C. really does think that dragon is hers.
    S. Just cracks me up, I can’t believe how much the other two have grown. I am so glad it is a bit cooler for you.


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