How to use Amazon Follow

We all have authors who we adore, and snap up their books whenever there’s a new one. Sometimes authors have newsletters that you can subscribe to, and they’ll give you special insider deals on new titles coming out. (I have one, too!)

Well, Amazon is getting in on the game, and I’ll show you how it works.

Amazon Follow is a new addition to the community software on the site. Not only can you discuss books and things with other customers, but now you can follow specific authors, and receive personal notifications from them when they release new books. Here’s how it works:

First, search up an author you like. Click on their author name to get their Author Central page.


See the big yellow button under their picture? Click that and you’re golden.

Now, to find the list of authors you follow, go to My Account and scroll down to Personalization.


There’s a nice list right there, which lets you add or remove authors with one easy click.

Now you’re all set to receive official emails from Amazon whenever one of your favorite authors releases a new book. Especially handy if you’re not sure if they have a newsletter or not!

If you’re an author, this is a golden opportunity to do business with fans. Set up your Author Central account posthaste!


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