Monsoons and stuff

This past weekend, we had parts of Hurricane (typhoon?) Dolores pay CA and AZ a visit. As I was driving, I snapped a few pics of the threatening clouds.


You can actually see the rain falling out in the distance, there.


Sure looks promising, doesn’t it?

As it turns out, the storm hit LA, the central valley, and western AZ. Phoenix got some clouds and nice breezes. It was lovely and cool, but we got zero rain. I thought it was kind of a dud, then I saw this news story.

I-10 bridge collapsed near Desert Center due to flash flooding.

So, I’m glad it didn’t hit Phoenix. If it knocked down bridges out in the desert, think of what it would have done to the metro area!

Otherwise, it was a very pleasant weekend. Any time we get a break from the sun is really nice, especially in July.


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