Homemade bows and arrows

It’s our last few weeks before school starts, and we’ve been packing in the summer fun. Swimming, baking, gaming, you name it.

A windstorm had knocked a bunch of sticks and branches out of the trees, so I decided to try making bows and arrows.



They sort of got the idea. Without knives to whittle notches into the sticks, we had to make do with finding sticks that were broken or forked in just the right place to attach the string. They fired “arrows” about five feet, which is pretty good for a dry stick and some yarn.

Afterward, the kids untied the string and made them into fishing poles. Versatile!


3 thoughts on “Homemade bows and arrows

  1. I love that picture!! Hey, I need that picture for my blog of all of your books. That is so cool.
    I think the bows and arrows turned out just perfect! yay for summer!


  2. Fun stuff! We went to a total of one Renaissance Faire when I was little (my mom found the culture very crass and crude), and came home with a couple of PVC pipe and string bows, with wooden dowels for arrows, tipped with those pointy eraser tips. Those gave us years of fun!


  3. Fun! We’ve done that with sticks and rubber bands. 🙂

    I might have to try that with my kids. We’ve got plenty of stick laying around here, waiting for a campfire one day. Ha!


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