I can’t contain it any more–Jurassic World art

So, I’ve been nerding out over Jurassic World. Seeing as it comes out tomorrow, I figure, I might as well go on a concept art binge-post, you know?

I mean, the first Jurassic Park is why I called myself NetRaptor all those years ago. Having another JP movie is making me relieve my childhood, in the best way. I just wish I could let my kids watch it, but they’re still a bit too young. Besides, I want them to LIKE dinosaurs.




Indominus Rex, by jamesdesign1





Jurassic Park Wallpaper fanart by Professor Adagio

2 thoughts on “I can’t contain it any more–Jurassic World art

  1. very nice art!! I love it. Yes, I have been thinking a lot about you and taking you to see that movie. You were one happy camper!


  2. Awesome pics! I can’t wait to see the movie. It has to be awesome. The park actually open with tons of people, cool features, and dinosaurs!! What could go wrong?? 😛 But I don’t think I’ll be seeing it in the theaters. I’ll have to avoid the internet while it’s out. Ha! Thanks for compiling the images!


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