Volcano-brain and strawberry cake


Calbuco’s Rage, a wallpaper from InterfaceLift

My brain has looked like this lately. All these ideas just exploding out the top of my head, endangering passersby.

For the past few weeks, I’ve had this cold that turned into laryngitis, and then on into an eye infection that my daughter brought home. It’s pretty lame when you not only can’t speak, you can’t bear to look at my kind of screen for any length of time. So, writing hasn’t been happening.

It makes it hard to look after kids, too, when you can’t yell somebody’s name. “Hey you! Get that room picked up!” I was relegated to being this ghostly person who drifted around, unable to say much, and not much interested in, you know, LIFE.

But I’m finally on the mend, and dying to work on my projects. I gotta get Werebear off to the editor! I have a full round of edits to work through on Malevolent! I have this space opera mystery series eating at my brain like a mouse nibbling at cheese!

Volcano-brain. Explode.

In other news, my oldest daughter’s birthday is this week. She asked for a strawberry cake. I went online and found one that includes strawberry jello, carefully sifting the flour, and so on. I had my doubts that I was up to making it.


Then I found a recipe that just calls for a regular cake recipe, to which you add strawberry syrup and diced strawberries. My morale has returned. I can totally do that. And strawberry buttercream? Sign me up, man!

2 thoughts on “Volcano-brain and strawberry cake

  1. So is the exploding brain primarily a positive, happily creative thing? Or more of a stressful, run-around-in-circles-until-I-drop-from-exhaustion kind of thing?

    Hehe, I always go for the easier recipes too. Sift my flour? “Ain’t nobody got time for dat,” as my sister-in-law likes to quote. 😀 Too many steps and my eyes glaze over. I like my baking to be simple and foolproof!


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