Showing off a cool book cover I designed

A few months ago, my friend Kat Heckenbach got the rights back to her books and decided to self-publish them. But she wanted the cover of book 1 to match book 2 a bit more.

Book 1:


Book 2:


Serviceable covers, but they don’t really scream “series”. So Kat enlisted me to build her a cover for book 1 that matched book 2 a little better.

After many, many iterations and design dead ends, we wound up with this:


It matches the feel of book 2 much better, I think! Here’s the book summary:

Angel doesn’t remember her magical heritage…but it remembers her.

Start with a struggle revolving around the source of magic. Is it genetic–or is it part of your soul? What if someone was using his powers to run experiments based on a complete misconception of the source of magic?

Throw in a twisted family tree that’s rooted in a centuries’ old feud, a painting that (literally) holds the key to the truth, a mysterious and talkative beetle, and an Elven rocker who can play the songs of the stars on an electric guitar.

This is the world Angel Mason was born into, thrust out of, and returned to seven years later. To top it off, she must rediscover her identity and save her home from a madman at the same time.

Amazon link

It’s a really fun young adult book, kind of the younger end of the spectrum, and entirely appropriate for 12 year olds. I’m impatiently waiting for book 3. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Showing off a cool book cover I designed

  1. I know since you’re the artist, you can’t just come out and say, “Look what I did! It totally rocks!” So I’ll say it for you! And a great, big THANK YOU for your hard work!

    I am impatiently working on book three….


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