Just a nice week

We’ve been having our usual February warm-up, but that’s set to break this weekend with a Canadian cold front. So we’ve enjoyed the sun as much as possible this week. It’s been a fairly low-key week, and that’s been fine with me.

The girls preparing for a jump photo, in their costumes.


Annnnd … JUMP!


I read somewhere that if you spend time with the youngest kids first thing in the morning, reading books and such, they’re much happier while you do school with the older ones. I’ve done that all week, and it’s made the household so much more peaceful.

Also we moved the youngest into the big kids’ room at night. Which has been much more restful for mom and dad, let me tell you! She took to it like a duck to water, just a little fussing in the middle of the night, quickly remedied by a sippy cup of milk.

A nice thunderstorm hitting the mountains north of us.

I’m looking forward to some stormy days, and stew in the crock pot. I’ve also been reading recipes of southern red beans and rice, which includes an interesting spicy sausage. Seeing as how the kids won’t touch spicy things, I might do those tiny cocktail sausages instead.

Also been plugging away at Malevolent, my paranormal romance novel–just revising the ending now. So excited to inflict it upon the world!

How’s your week been?


4 thoughts on “Just a nice week

  1. Sounds like a nice week! I’ve left the house more than usual this week, but it’s otherwise been quiet. I got the kids brand new coloring books today – a Cars one for the boy and a Frozen one for the girl – and that made them very happy. 🙂


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