Kids and a short story

It’s been a busy week around here. Fortunately I snapped pictures to share our doings.


Here’s the table during recess, with all of our books in mid-school. They get very wiggly after a while, and rather than deal with tears and whining, I dispatch them to run around a lot. Always helps their moods.


They didn’t know I was taking this pic–candid camera! Those are the best. Look at their thoughtful expressions.


Here’s the baby in my big chair (where I was attempting to dry the denim). She climbed up there all by herself, and she was so proud.


A tobacco moth had decided to spend the day on our porch, so I snapped a pic of him. They’re so huge! It must totally be spring, if these dudes are out and about. They make those great big tomato hornworms that are so stripy and spiffy.

I also released a new short story this week! Well, actually, it’s an old story, but it’s been spiffed up for internet consumption.


Portal to Freedom: A magical girl who can turn into a fox, and a dragon who must eat spicy food in order to breathe fire, attempt to escape the Zoo that holds them prisoner.

A dollar on Amazon, and free on Smashwords!

2 thoughts on “Kids and a short story

  1. It looks good, I love that picture of your school room. I like the kids with thoughtful looks on their faces.
    The baby does look very proud of herself.
    I can’t believe your moths are already out.
    I like the cover for your story. It looks wonderful.
    I think it will be fun when you publish your serial.
    It was nice talking, have a lovely day.


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