Book cover release: Sci fi novel Psygen Chronicles: A New Threat

A few years ago, there was a little critique group called the Sandbox, and a bunch of us traded our novels around, critiqued each other, and eventually published. All but one author has made that step–Aaron DeMott has been working on his science fiction novel for a long time. And now, he’s finally getting ready to launch the book!


“The Psygen Chronicles: Book 1, A New Threat”

Book blurb: “A simple diplomatic mission becomes a life and death struggle that could plunge the entire galaxy into a war… When an alien ship lands unexpectedly in the middle of her clan’s territory, Bast is sent to investigate as part of her scout trial. After an accident, she meets these new visitors. She and her senior scout Rrrark are invited to return with the aliens to their home planet to open diplomatic relations. What started out as a simple mission becomes complicated when they discover a pirate scheme that might be more than it seems. Are Bast, Rrrark, and two of the aliens called Psygens capable of stopping the pirates?”

The book is coming out from AltWit Press on April 21st

So, space opera. Also, the summary doesn’t mention this, but Bast is a giant sentient panther. Get it? Like the Egyptian cat god? Hee hee.

I haven’t read the current draft, but the old draft I critiqued (ages ago) was a fun, Star Wars-esque romp through space and across planets. I can’t wait to read the final version!

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