Art showcase: Three Griffin Moon


Three Gryfon Moon, lineart by Rachel Meenan, color by me!

The griffins are from the Song of the Summer King books, which feature a griffin cast in a lovely high-fantasy story, kind of like Lion King, only better.

Book 3, A Shard of Sun, is about to come out, and Rachel and I got to read an ARC. It was so good, we enthusiastically collaborated on this pic.

(If you can’t tell, it’s based on the Three Wolf Moon shirt.)


4 thoughts on “Art showcase: Three Griffin Moon

  1. Wow. Very nice. Thanks for sharing! Will have to check out the story, now. Please let us know, though, if this ever becomes as shirt as well.

    Have to ask: that background. How?


    1. DoraMouse: Oh, the background was a bunch of Photoshop magic. For the stars I used a NASA photo of the Milky Way, because I didn’t feel like drawing my own starfield. Then I scribbled colors all over it and set the layer to Linear Dodge, I think it was. Then I dropped a black-to-white radial gradient over the whole thing and tinkered with that layer setting until the contrast popped–it might have been Multiply.

      Either way, it was tons of fun. 🙂


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