A peek into daily life around here

I haven’t done this meme in aaaaages–Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real, from Like Mother, Like Daughter.



Because it’s January, and we all need a little more color in our lives. This is some bougainvillea in front of our apartment–it’s just about the only thing blooming right now.



Most of the kids (except the baby) playing in the sandbox with the other kids. It’s a cool, windy day, and the cold will run them inside eventually. In the meantime, I’m just glad the boys are outside!



Nothing funnier than a happy fat baby! She was desperately trying to see the camera’s screen, so it was tricky getting a picture.


The kids’ room after a morning of intense play. Yep, this is how their room looks on a daily basis. If I don’t intervene, this mess will spread to the living room, the hall, the bathroom, the kitchen … it’s like this unstoppable blob of mess. Fortunately, I have a bunch of small people with unlimited energy who can be, ahem, encouraged to clean up after themselves.


One thought on “A peek into daily life around here

  1. I loved it all. It just speaks of home and I love seeing the baby’s teeth.
    Such a happy girl. I also like seeing the kids outside playing, of course, seeing inside too.
    Have a lovely evening,


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