Dinosaur drawings–protoceratops and velociraptor Mega Sceptile

I’ve been drawing dinosaurs a lot lately. I guess I’ve always drawn dinosaurs as kind of a comfort thing, so I kind of revert to them whenever I need something to draw.

Here’s a protoceratops, which grew out of griffin-related ponderings.


I’ve also been down with a flu bug. And what better thing to do when you’re sick than play Pokemon? I’ve been burning through Alpha Sapphire like there’s no tomorrow.

So here is a raptory version of Mega Sceptile, in all his leafy goodness.


Also been playing the Forestry mod for Minecraft. You raise bees and trees. It’s slow and just my speed. šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Dinosaur drawings–protoceratops and velociraptor Mega Sceptile

  1. I love seeing them busy at work. What a nice picture. The baby must have been asleep.
    How come no water? Yes, those things that make life seem normal. I hope they get it fixed soon.


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