A day in the life of the Carrolls

So I sat down to write one of these day in the life kinds of things–and then we had a NOT-typical day. Argh! But it does go to show the way life works around here.

This was our Monday, yesterday:

5 AM. I wake up and nurse the baby back to sleep. My stomach is acting up. While I wait for it to calm down, I do my devotions, then get in some revisions on the book I’m working on.

6 AM. Hubby doesn’t feel good. I wrap up writing, and we jump in the shower so we’re dressed when the boy I babysit arrives.

7 AM. Kids got up when they heard the shower. Neighbor boy arrives. I explain that we’re getting back into a school routine, and there will be no computer games until that afternoon. Groans. Whining. They all go off to play. They make paper money and build little shops in the bedroom, and sell toys to each other.

8 AM. The kids eat all the apples, and proclaim their boredom. We sit down and do money math. It’s a big hit. They return to their shops.

9 AM. Hubby is sicker, and beginning to be anxious about going to work. I grab the girls and make them do their reading. They can read, especially the 5 year old–they just need more practice.

10 AM. I hide away with my ipod and check internets. The kids gallop outside to enjoy the sunshine. My son claims he is not bored, loudly, in the vicinity of the computer. I give him an oral spelling test. He escapes afterward and runs off to play.

11 AM. I feed them macaroni and cheese, and make them clean up their abandoned shops. My babysat ward is picked up by his mother and taken to preschool.

12 PM. I set up a new game for the kids–it’s called Trove, and it’s a free to play adventure Minecraft kind of game. Hubby now has the full-blown flu, and calls in sick to work.

1-2 PM. Naptime. The two youngest take naps, hubby takes a nap, I lie down but don’t sleep much. The older two play Trove. After a while, I get up to supervise, and embroil myself in Pokemon.

3 PM. Babysitting ward returns. I let the kids play games to keep them quiet because hubby is still asleep. There are a lot of hungry bees on the porch trying to get into the open window. We set out a small dish of honey for them. The kids sit outside and watch them, once I explain that bees don’t want to sting you. They keep count of the visiting bees. Son proclaims that he wants to be a beekeeper.


My beekeeper

4-5 PM. Hubby finally wakes up. I obviously can’t feed him the beef fajitas I have marinating in the fridge, so I make French toast instead. Babysitting ward is picked up for the night.

6-7 PM. The kids watch some of their current favorite Youtube show, which is a playthrough of Starfox Adventures. When they’re done, we go in their room and start a new book–A Wrinkle in Time. It’s sufficiently weird for their tastes.

8 PM. I go to bed, write, and chat with friends on my ipod.

9 PM. My son runs to the bathroom and barfs about a gallon of stuff all over the toilet, the floor, and the cabinets. I mop up for a solid fifteen minutes.

10 PM. My oldest daughter barfs all over her bed. Sheets are stripped and dumped in the washing machine, and she is supplied with fresh blankets. Buckets are handed out to everyone.

11 PM. I think I might have finally fallen asleep by this point. But YEAH it was a FUN day. Not exactly typical, but … YEAH FUN.

Christmas cookies
The best thing about this picture is the little photographer in the reflection.


2 thoughts on “A day in the life of the Carrolls

    1. Yeah, it seems to only be a 24 hour bug. But still, it was an unpleasant ending to the day! Today’s been better, thankfully.


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