Pretty fantasy artwork for New Year’s

Let’s start off 2015 with some really gorgeous fantasy artwork/creatures!


Tsintaosaurus by tepuitrouble

Because even duckbills can be awesome.


Little Gatherers by the Sixthleaf Clover

Cute little dragons “helping” in the kitchen!


January by Atenebris

Because a snowy griffin encounter like this deserves a story to go with it.


Sunny May by AlsaresNoLynx

Also, little griffins are cute.

syracosaurus jungle

Styracosaurus Jungle by raven-amos

This one is a T-shirt design! Because everybody loves a good tribal styracosaurus design.


Apocalypto by 88grzes

Because any chick with jeans and black wings is totally bringing about the end of the world. Also, she totally looks like the End Boss of the Spacetime series. πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “Pretty fantasy artwork for New Year’s

      1. Haha, I wish I was this good! Nope, I just collected nifty stuff off deviantart. This has been nifty eye-candy I’ve enjoyed over the last few months.


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