Raptor sketches, both kinds

I’ve had the itch to draw for a while, so I sat down and scribbled out some velociraptors.


Gotta draw some feathery ones and some Jurassic Park/Jurassic World ones. As I was drawing, I kept up this running narration to the kids:

“See, real velociraptors are three feet tall, and they’re feathery, like roadrunners. They probably wouldn’t eat you, again, like roadrunners. But Jurassic Park raptors were made back before they knew about the feathers, and the idea of a six foot tall two-legged lizard was terrifying. Think how fast those things go. So the new movie has the lizardy raptors because they’re scarier than cute widdle fwuffy waptors.”

One thought on “Raptor sketches, both kinds

  1. I think they look wonderful. I bet when you are sketching you have lots of fans clustered around you. Who knew when you sat in your desk drawing you would have such a fan base. šŸ™‚


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