Wednesday ramblings

It’s no fun being blogless. All last week, blog posts ran through my head, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I finally caved and wrote one on my old blog, which I’ll import over here in a few days.

Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving? I keep catching my breath and looking around in amazement. Out here in Phoenix, it’s finally cold enough to wear sweaters and jeans, especially in the morning. (It’s, like, 40 something at night. Stop laughing, all you northern state people.)

The kids are still doing pretty well in school. We’re having a leisurely sort of school year, since I’m babysitting an additional child ten hours a day. We all do our books and our history, then they’re free to build forts or whatever. For some reason, this week they’ve played King of Tokyo (a board game) every day before school. I figure, hey, it’s basic counting and math, and if the four and five year old want to play, they’re welcome to it.

My youngest turns one tomorrow. That blows my mind, too. This time last year, I was in labor and working frantically to release my first book, Storm Chase. I still think the people who bought it then only did it out of kindness, because I was having a kid. 😀


I finished up a fanfic and posted it this week. I forgot how much I experiment in fanfics. I wrote the whole climax in omniscient point of view so I could jump between characters quickly, as they moved in and out of the limelight. Now I’m writing another book in my werewolf romance novella series. I think this next year will be all about vampires and werewolves. Also the fourth Spacetime book, which is about Xironi the catgirl angsting about men checking her out. Also robots.

So yeah, that’s been my life lately. Very routine and quiet. I find it’s easier to write a lot if I’ve got a routine going, because I know when the slow spots in the day are when I can write.

One thought on “Wednesday ramblings

  1. I love that picture of the baby. Such a sweetie pie. I like your posts.
    I wish you wrote more like this just about normal life.
    How nice the kids have been playing a board game before school.
    I think your plans sound nice.
    Hint, hint, sizes?? I need a list. 🙂
    I wish I was there tomorrow.
    I hope you guys have a happy day.


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