Gateway Christmas music

Every year, I find myself easing into Christmas music a little bit at a time. It always starts with very mild stuff that might not be Christmas music at all. It’s like how they hook people on drugs.

First, I start with Eden’s Bridge Irish Christmas album. Particularly this cynical, cutting song about Christmas’s materialism:

From there, I venture into Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which is a bit stronger on the Christmas flavor, but still not quite there:

By this time I’m starting to feel the need for something stronger. I might start dropping some Amy Grant. Some years I go straight to some heavy Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman.

Pretty soon, before I know it, I’m high on Christmas.



5 thoughts on “Gateway Christmas music

  1. Too funny!

    My husband is usually a Christmas curmudgeon (as he calls himself) who sighs and groans when I turn on Christmas music on Thanksgiving night. But this year he jumped right into it mid-November! Right into Mochael W. Smith, too! (He’s a favorite of ours too.)


      1. Oh boy, another Christmas music person to add to my list! Nope, haven’t heard them, will look them up. I’m also fond of Sixpence None the Richer’s Christmas album. It’s so sweet. The “Last Christmas without you” song always makes me cry.


  2. How cute!! Yep, that is how it is, I love that song by Eden’s bridge so much. Do you care if I mail the box tomorrow? I have been gone all day and I am bushed. Peter told me I looked so bad, to come in and sit down.
    Then Dad said for me to take a nap. So I thought maybe I should just wait until the tomorrow morning.
    It will get there Monday.


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