PMS is aggravated by chocolate cake

I didn’t realize I was hitting PMS when I offered to make a chocolate sheet cake for the family.

I should have suspected, though. I never crave chocolate. Chocolate gives me a terrible headache. But this week, I wanted chocolate. AND coffee. Which I also tend to avoid.

But the weather finally dropped below 100 this week, and I felt like drinking hot delicious beverages and cooking carb-heavy desserts. It’s been 100 since MAY. I’m entitled to a little celebration!

Except for the whole PMS thing.

So I contributed to the two-day devouring of an entire Texas sheet cake.

And now I’m scouring the Internet for things to get mad about. PMS does this to me. My regular life is a calm, happy place–I need extra things to be mad about! GRRRR BITE TEAR SNARL

I’m actually laughing at the stupid things I’ve gotten mad about on Twitter.

Maybe I need to go outside in the wonderful cool air and run a few miles. Or go eat some veggies to counteract the sugar.

At least I can identify the problem. Naming the problem is the first step toward solving it, right?

Ah, the ability to become a monster once a month. No wonder I identify with werewolves.