Managing wiggly munchkins in public

Today my hubby and I walked down to our apartment complex’s front office to do some paperwork. Since its a long way from home, we brought along all five munchkins–our four and the boy we’re babysitting.

I’d been trying to do some school (we homeschool), but the delicious cool fall air had given everyone the wiggles. I mean, they’re naturally wiggly, but this is bounce-off-the-walls wiggly. So a walk seemed like just the ticket.

We reached the office and asked for our paperwork. The clerk hadn’t drawn it up yet. I was suddenly faced with a 15 minute wait with five small children who couldn’t sit still.

So we

Went outside
Visited the restroom
Visited the inoperative fountain
Threw rocks in the fountain

And finally returned inside and did the paperwork. Another lady had shown up, so the kids merrily introduced themselves while my hubby and I worked.

Socialization? We have plenty of that.

Then we walked home. Their wiggles were sufficiently alleviated so we could finish school.

Now Mama needs to rest.

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