Why women read more than men

Today on Elizabeth Craig’s blog, a guest blogger mused about why women are statistically bigger readers/writers than men.

Is it because the romance readers skew the statistics?

Is it because men are too busy?

Would men rather watch their entertainment than read it? (A commenter pointed out that watching The Matrix is more fun than reading it would be.)

When it comes to writing, the muse doesn’t distinguish between genders. Men and women are both terrific storytellers. So, the question doesn’t apply to writers–only readers.

As I mused on this, myself, and skimmed the comments, I found the one that, to me, finally, definitively, answered the question.

Novels are about people. Women are more interested in people than men are. Therefore, women read more.

The lights turned on. “That’s it!” I yelled, and my husband did the Charlie Brown midair spin.

It also explains why men typically read more non-fiction. It’s about how to do stuff, not visiting with people. Men are always figuring out how to do stuff.

Anyway, do you think this is why women read more? Or do you think there’s a better reason?


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