Ah, I’m so glad it’s Friday. Weekends have become a precious commodity, between my hubby’s job and my babysitting.

A chance to run errands, read books, and otherwise do all the things I’m too busy or stressed to do over the week.

On Monday, Arizona got about 4 inches of rain. Our quad became a lake, and the kids swam in it for two days.


That pond out there was two feet deep in some places.

The parking lot at my husband’s work was waist-deep. He saw people try to drive through it, and flooded their engines. They had to wade out and push their cars clear. He started joking that instead of CVS, their store was Sea VS.

And this is the desert. It hasn’t rained like this in 75 years, so nobody knows how to handle flooding. Now it’s Friday, of course all the water is completely gone. But the desert trees around here have started blooming like crazy. They go nuts whenever it rains. Between the flowers and the cool mornings, its like this weird extra spring.

I’m enjoying the break from the heat, too. The rest of the nation had a nice cool summer, but down here it was 115, as usual. (That kind of heat is strange. I was outside after sundown, and it only felt as hot as is usual for summer–until I realized that I’d sweated completely through my shirt in about five minutes.)

So it’s been a fun kind of week. Never boring!

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