Writing life meme

I was tagged by Rachel Meenan, so here I go! Memes are so much fun. Maybe because they’re spelled “Me! Me!”

I’m going to throw some artwork in here, too, just to break up the monotony.

Name: Kessie
Age: 32
Gender: Female

A Selfie


Food: I’ve gotten to where I’m strongly omnivorous. I’ll eat anything. But if I had my druthers, I’d eat a different kind of stir fry every night of the week. Orange chicken, chicken and beef teriyaki, kung pao, peanut chicken, beef and broccoli … so many possibilities!

Book: This is hard, because I have so many. Usually it’s whatever I’m currently reading, so, I guess Harry Potter? But I have a slew of favorites from Diana Wynne Jones, Mary Stewart, and lots of others. Presently I’m very enthused about Rebecca P. Minor’s high fantasy series, which is funny, because I normally don’t like high fantasy. I think it’s because she focuses on a small cast of interesting characters.

Song: It goes by season. We’re getting into fall at the moment, and I start craving oldies rock. Especially the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, when the winds of November are blowing. πŸ™‚

Movie: I could watch the Lego Movie over and over and over. But we also enjoyed Epic, which surprised me at how good it was. Oh, and also the Guardians of Ga’Hoole. That movie was astonishingly deep. I keep thinking I’d like to watch it a couple more times. I’m still trying to decide what, exactly, the Flex is.

Band: Switchfoot! Nightwish! The Echoing Green!

Solo artist: Kevin Max. Aside from Michael W. Smith, I’ve listened to Kevin the longest.


Schooling: Some college, but as we’re homeschooling, I find my education is ongoing. This week we learned about the life cycle of iguanas. The kids all now demand pet lizards.

Colored by me, lineart by Becky Minor

Reason behind your blog’s name: My Sonic the Hedgehog fansite was the Domain of NetRaptor, which is generic enough to have any amount of subjects tied to it. I still own the netraptor.org domain, so why not use it? Eventually I’ll have to get a domain of my name or something, but netraptor.org is friendly with Google, so for now, it stays.

Why you blog: Because it’s fun. I like having a way to keep in touch with family, and show off my artwork.


2 thoughts on “Writing life meme

  1. Lovely Meme. I like reading about your life. Even if I know some it is always so interesting to see how you and your family have changed.
    I think that the beauty of home schooling is that you keep learning. Life is better if you are a learner. πŸ™‚


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