T-rex and pumpkins-sketch

I saw a picture with a cougar chewing on a pumpkin, and I thought–why not a t-rex?

Here’s my rough with the shadows and highlights.


I really tried to study skeletons for the way the light would fall on the face, in particular. Monitor lizards have a similar structure to tyrannosaurs (that I can find), and the light falls on their head in this funny wedge-shape.

Also the chest muscles. I did some comparative checking, and a reptile’s forelimbs (like an iguana’s) have a similar bone structure to the tyrannosaur’s. So I built the muscles all fat and bulgy, like a healthy lizard’s should look. I don’t see a lot of artwork that draws breast muscles on a tyrannosaur, but most animals have them. And the rex was supposed to have extremely strong forearms, so why not?

Anyway, more coming soon. This pic is sheer joy, beginning to end.

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