Woman in red, and chaos spear

I suck at humans, so I’m trying to practice more. I have a deal on with myself to get on Deviantart, click on the Photography section, and draw a person on the first page. Tonight, it was this one:


Original image

I’m also working on a Sonic pic, since my DA followers all expect Sonic art, hee. I’ve got a story/pic serial going, featuring Silver the Hedgehog, because he never gets any love in the fandom. The current pic has some ornery perspective issues, though.


Shadow is shooting a bolt of energy (called chaos spear) through the window of a train, and Silver’s just taken it in the face. There will be all kinds of shiny glass shards flying around, too. It’ll be a sheer joy to color. I just have to get the darned perspective/action flow right. I’m rusty on my Sonic characters.

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