Art and things in August

I haven’t had a chance to do much art stuff, but here’s a smattering.

Shadow. Because Shadow.
Shadow. Because Shadow.

I’ve been babysitting a four year old boy most of the week for the past month, and by the evening, I’m too exhausted to do much of anything creative. Then I’m trying to train the baby to sleep in her own bed (to which she mightily objects). After that, I crash out of sheer exhaustion.

I did have a chance to sketch out some lizard races for a friend. She was having trouble conceptualizing her bad guy lizard men, so I threw some sketches at her.

The Drivv
The Drivv

I had a kick patterning them after various types of lizards, and even more of a kick drawing the baby ones. Wook at their widdle cute cheeks!

I need to draw more stuff. Once the baby’s trained, my evenings should open up again. That usually only takes a week.

And then week after next, school starts. And that’ll be a whole OTHER barrel of monkeys. At least it’s in the daytime.

Also been reading the Dresden books. From books 7-12, I read back to back, two days per book. It’s told me that first, metaplot is important to a series. And second, sometimes it takes seven books for a writer to really hit their stride. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Art and things in August

  1. Great sketches. Yep, it sounds like you are one busy Mom. I would like to be a bum today but I am watching Ben’s kids today.
    I do hope you get to rest.


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