Book starvation

Today I had some of the neighbor kids over. They’re three girls, about 14 and under. It was hot outside, so I invited them in to color pictures and play with legos, which they did for quite a while.

After a while, they mentioned that my son had taken a book of nursery rhymes to their house and left it there. They said they’d bring it back, but it was in the youngest’s backpack, because she’d taken it to school for show and tell.

I sat there and thought about that in growing sadness. They don’t have any books of their own, so they take a borrowed book to school for show and tell?

I told them they could keep the book.

Around our house, books are a precious resource. I never can understand people who don’t give books to their kids. Don’t they want their minds to work? Or are they just oblivious? I don’t get it.

I’m going to give them some of our extras. Maybe they’ll have more to take to school.

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