Dog days of summer

Why are they called the dog days of summer? Because you work like a dog? Or because its so hot, the dogs lie around and pant?

Either way, that’s been us this week. Between watching the neighbor boy and making jam (and recovering from a cold), it’s been go go go.


Delicious raspberry jam! I strained out the seeds first, which took much longer than I expected. It became an all day project. Then we’ve been eating it on everything–yogurt, sandwiches, pancakes.

It’s in the middle of that laughable heat wave that Phoenix is known for. Yesterday I was sitting on the porch as the sun went down, and the National Weather Service informed me that it was 115. I only noticed it was that hot because I sweated through my shirt before I realized I was uncomfortable.

My writing mojo had burned out (due to the heat?), but I’m trying to exercise more, and it helps my mind so much. When I’m inactive, my brain goes blank a lot, and loses its train of thought. When I’m exercising, that doesn’t happen. It’s kind of scary.

And now I must dash to the store before it gets hot, or the food will spoil in the car.

Edit: Haha, one of my friends snapped this on Facebook:


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