Marvel’s woman-Thor

Yesterday the Internet erupted in roars of nerd-rage. It seems that Thor is now a woman.


Apparently, in some bizarre nod to the feminists, Marvel has decided to change the gender of one of the Norse gods.

This is somehow a victory for feminists, who are crowing about how progressive Marvel is being.

But really, who is it a victory for? Let’s break this down.

Who reads comic books? Guys.

Do girls want to look at pictures of large-breasted heroines wielding lightning?

Maybe some do, but girls mostly want a good story. Aromantic story. (Guys are turned on by images, girls are turned on by words. This is why romance novels exist.)

Will changing Thor into a chick attract more girl readers?

Probably not. Most girls I know were swooning over movie-Thor because he was a hot guy.

Who will girl-Thor attract?


So, this isn’t really a feminist victory. They’re perpetrating more objectification of women.

Supposedly the character will remain the same, so making Thor a girl changes exactly nothing. Which makes us ask, why the gender change at all? Winning points with people who don’t read comic books?

I personally think its so they can pair up Thor and Loki.

5 thoughts on “Marvel’s woman-Thor

  1. Gosh you are so profound. I agree with you totally. The art work looks cool, but it needs to be something else.
    There is just no way I can even manage to see Thor as a woman.


  2. I don’t disagree, but allow me to offer an alternative:

    A big problem that I’m seeing in my line of work (computer programming/engineering) is that a lot of otherwise-intelligent guys see women as inferior and incompetent simply by virtue of being a woman. I struggle with this as well, but it’s mitigated by the fact that I grew up knowing a woman who worked in a male-dominated field and therefore grew up not really noticing how abnormal this was.

    So yes, this is definitely driven by wanting more eyeballs on comics. Marvel’s still a business. But I think there’s a chance for this to be one part of a cultural whole that helps shift everyone’s mindset from “women can only do this and men can only do this” to “anyone could be good at anything.”

    But then again, I just watch the movies, so I’m not a ‘real’ fan anyway. 😛


  3. Evan: I understand the viewpoint, and its not fair that women are looked down on in some fields. But turning Thor into a chick isn’t going to help. I mean, a girl swinging a hammer is a far cry from a brilliant career woman. :-p


  4. I’m not into the comics–although I adore the movies–so I have no way of knowing how true this is (although have no reason to doubt), but I read an article somewhere that said this is not the first time Thor has had to hand his hammer over to someone else because he wasn’t worthy of wielding it and they were. But those times were temporary, and so, says the article, will this time likely be. I can see that happening.

    But, I think this is so much like the whole Doctor Who kerfuffle, back before they announced Capaldi as the new Doctor, and it bugs me for the same reasons. To me, while it may come across as a Feminist move, it’s quite the opposite–not only for the reason you state here (which I hadn’t thought about before, but is totally valid), but because….

    Feminism is supposed to be about women being equal and being able to earn their place in a job or whatever on their own. NOT taking what already belongs to a guy because, not fair. But both this and the Doctor Who thing are instances that say to me, “Well, we women can’t get a show/main character of our own, so we’ll take HIS place.” That’s not Feminism. A true Feminist move would be to have a female superhero that isn’t a male-substitute or job-snatcher. Remember Wonder Woman? And back when the Six Million Dollar Man was on TV, producers didn’t go, hey, we need a woman bionic, so let’s swap out Steve Austin’s man-parts for woman-parts. No, they created a *whole new show* while keeping the original intact.

    Maybe someone needs to start a show/genre/whatever with a woman lead, rather than waiting for something to become a male-driven success and then try to take it over.


  5. As a women who reads comics, I’m upset about this too. I know Thor’s lost his hammer temporarily in other situations, but this feels so gimmicky.


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