Oddball gemstones and steampunk clothes

Ever heard of Fordite? In early auto manufacturing, layers of paint would build up on the machinery. Apparently it can be carved into funky-colored jewelry.


In other news, my hubby got me this simple steampunk brooch.


I know it’s not the greatest photo, but its such a neat little thing! We keep coming up with ideas for steampunk outfits. I’m afraid the steampunk culture has caught us at last.

My hubby has always loved vests, and lo and behold, vests were a THING in the Victorian era.


I just love the steampunk dresses, too. The trouble being, England is a cold, wet climate, and they wear so many LAYERS.


I live in a desert. Therefore the lighter, vest-based outfits appeal to me.


I mean, check this out! It has a cravat, even! The fabric is actually recycled upholstery, which is why it has such a funky design on it. Apparently Etsy has a massive steampunk community. You have to make it yourself. Steampunk isn’t a thing you can buy in a store.

That’s probably what makes it such fun. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Oddball gemstones and steampunk clothes

  1. Love it! And that man-made stone, awesome! Did I mention that I LOVE rocks? 🙂

    I actually have a steampunk story outline for down the road. I hadn’t intended to write it that way, but it’s just how that story revealed itself. Also elements in my next project I plan to tackle. I have to admit the clothing and all is rather intriguing! 🙂


  2. A steampunk project? Awesome! I’m puzzling out one of my own. Also my hubby wants to make a steampunk Carda costume. 🙂


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