Rebuilding ceratosaurus

I wanted to draw a ceratosaurus, so I went looking for reference pics.

A ceratosaurus is a relative of the tyrannosaurus, only with spiky doodads on its head.


I muddled around with different kinds of head crests in my sketch, but I couldn’t find anything that looked, well, un-stupid. Then I went hunting for other creatures that had massively weird skulls, but the creature was alive.

Lo and behold, Parson’s Chameleon!



Fisher’s Chameleon is just as weird-looking.

Anyway, compare the skulls and the lizard. The horns on his nose are more or less the same as the skull. They’re just more rounded and soft-looking. So I tried to do the same thing in my sketch.


I think that the females probably had smaller crests than the males, since these chameleons do, too. I’m going to play with it some more.

Also, I like drawing predator dinos in relaxed poses. We draw lions and tigers in friendly, social poses all the time, so why do dinosaurs get the short end of the stick? They were just animals.


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