Smartphones and fearless animals

We had a lovely cool day this week, and the wind was making a sea-rushing in the pines. So I took the baby and my iPod and sat on the porch to enjoy it.

As I sat there, idly scrolling through blogs, I noticed a couple of sparrows hopping around in the flowerbed. There’s a spot where I put down birdseed for them, and they were checking it out. They kept an eye on me.


As long as I was looking at my iPod, they came within three feet of me. But as soon as they noticed me watching them over the top of it, they flew off.

My mom recently had cataract surgery. She talks about how the birds got so used to her not being able to see them, they’re not afraid of her now that she can see.

Everywhere people walk around with heads down, staring at their smartphones, oblivious to nature. The birds have gotten so used to it, they are fearless as long as someone has one!

One day we’ll look up and wild animals will be eating people who were texting and never noticed. :-p

Conversely, it’s like carrying around a bird watching blind!

2 thoughts on “Smartphones and fearless animals

  1. Well maybe the people that don’t pay attention deserve to be eaten… ha! I can get the birds to do that while I”m reading on the porch. If I keep my head on the book and peep at them from the corner of my eye they will stay. As soon as I make a move, off they go!


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