Being so social!

I’m one of those extroverted introverts. I enjoy people, but I also enjoy hiding out and never setting foot out of doors for weeks. Because it’s too hot. Or too cold. Or too sunny. Or too cloudy. Or too buggy. Or too … you get the idea.

The past month, I’ve been far more social than I’d like. For one thing, my kids have a birthday in March, April and May. So that means hanging out with OTHER PEOPLE ONCE A MONTH.


Birthday 1:


Birthday 2:


Which was attended by our out of town friends:


This much socialization sent me into my hole for a couple of weeks. Also we all battled the flu and colds. Which is a great excuse for me to never leave the house! “We don’t want to infect anyone at the park/pool/library!”

And just as my hole was starting to feel a little tiresome, Easter hit.

We went to this massive park and due to miscommunication, couldn’t find my hubby’s parents until we’d already crossed a whole acre. Dragging toddlers. Carrying three liter bottles of soda and a gallon jug of water. Wondering why in the world I didn’t pack the stroller.

We finally found each other and had a very nice picnic under the trees, with hungry waterfowl attending.

For some reason I didn’t pull out my camera until the kids took off to hunt Easter eggs.



They went up the hill in 90 degree heat and I stayed where I was. In the shade. With a drink. And a sleeping baby.

So I’m back to being antisocial. Today I clean my hidey-hole and then I’m going to hide in it. A lot. With a bunch of books and Easter candy to sustain us.


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