Time travel has existed for centuries

Time travel is one of those great science fiction concepts–go back in time and fix your mistakes, or go forward in time and see how your life turns out–or the progress of mankind in the distant future.

Usually this involves some kind of machine (like a DeLorean and lots of plutonium) or a device of some kind, like the jumpsuits in the Journeyman Project games.

But I think in reality, time travel has been around as long as humans have. But the travel is only up and down your own timeline, from birth to present, and it’s only in your mind.

The older you get, the longer your past timeline is. More and more time and memories are behind you, just as real as the day they happened. And you travel around the various times in your life in your memory.

Of course, memory gets faulty after a while, and that’s because we’re operating on decaying hardware. Glitches happen and memories fade. (But they’re never completely gone.)

Scientists postulate that memories are stored throughout your whole body.

Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion: Why You Feel the Way You Feel, says, “Memories are stored not only in the brain, but in a psychosomatic network extending into the body . . . all the way out along pathways to internal organs and the very surface of our skin.” After having discovered neuropeptides in all body tissues, Pert suggests that through cellular receptors, thoughts or memories may remain unconscious or can become conscious-raising the possibility of physiological connections between memories, organs and the mind.

Of course, this is only my personal idea–memory time travel, hee hee. We can’t actually go back to those times. But man is a four-dimensional creature, and part of us extends into the past and branches into the future.

If viewed fourth-dimensionally, would we, at this moment, look like a sea anemone?

Sea Anemone Diadumene Dia 30cm 1

The past, a single trunk, and the future, a branching tangle of possibilities?

Who knows?


One thought on “Time travel has existed for centuries

  1. We are all time travelers. We travel exactly one second per second into the future. See if Ryan can find a copy of the game Chrononauts. You get to be time travelers “fixing” paradoxes in twentieth century history. MLK becomes president? John Lennon works to ban handguns? The Titanic doesn’t sink?


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