Crazy birthday weekend

Man, we had a really bonkers weekend. Let me put it into a timetable.

Friday: first day of hubby’s three day weekend. Our third daughter’s third birthday was this weekend, and I was happily planning fun things to do. Then hubby said, “Oh yeah, our friends from out of state are coming tomorrow!”

I entered panicked house cleaning mode. I planned food. I went grocery shopping. I rearranged furniture.

Saturday: house cleaning continued. Fiddling with furniture. Nervously texting our friends about arrival times. Turned out they got into town too late for dinner, so we opted for breakfast Sunday morning.

Saturday night: Our upstairs neighbor kept us awake for hours as he crashed around his apartment, yelling for the demons to leave him alone.

Sunday: I get up and cook a massive pile of waffles. Our friends arrive and we have a very nice time.

Our neighbor emerges from upstairs and yells at dogs, birds and passersby. Police remove him in handcuffs.

We had planned to get together for C’s birthday with hubby’s parents. They invited our friends over, too.

At lunch, hubby comes down with the stomach flu the kids had earlier in the week. He sequestered himself, and I led the caravan up to the in-laws.

Pizza and cake ensued. It was pleasant, but everyone was tired and the kids were grouchy and weepy.

We drive home. Our friends bid hubby goodbye, who wound up infecting them. I feel so bad.

So that was our weekend. I still feel hung over. Looking back over it, I think I’m justified. 🙂


One thought on “Crazy birthday weekend

  1. Uhh… Happy Birthday C! Sorry it was so crazy and that you have more sickies in the house. 😦 But at least it’s over now! And hey, you got some entertainment with the crazy guy. 😉


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