Book tour: Mortis, by Hannah Cobb

Mortis by hannah cobb
Mortis, available on Amazon

In an underground school rife with duels and deadly classes, Jane hides in the shadows to stay alive. She is the invisible assassin. But as she prepares to graduate from Mortis, Jane stumbles across secrets that reveal dark truths about her school. Will she embrace the darkness, or betray the school that raised her—and the boy she loves? Once Jane sets herself against her school, there is no turning back, because in Mortis failure always means death.

Isn’t that a great cover? I pretty much wanted to read the book because the cover sold me. Also, hey, assassins.

Pros: Ludicrously over the top action all the way through. The assassin kids try to murder each other just for fun, and there’s death traps in all the hallways. Jane, our heroine, pretty much dances through it all with her ability to turn invisible.

The assassin school Mortis is under ground, so it feels claustrophobic sometimes. But the characters run around above ground, too. It’s very entertaining. It also manages to cover the standard YA tropes, including the Love Triangle, the Dance, the Mean Girl rival, and the Creepy Rapist Stalker. (Note: There’s no sex or anything. It’s a nice change, really.)

The characters are fun and clearly drawn, and the escalating conflict brings out their secret depths.

Cons: Zero worldbuilding. There are only two clues that this isn’t set on Earth–Jane’s invisibility power, and the talking horses who run the transportation. This is dropped on you without a single word of explanation, and you kind of roll with it, wondering if the author will ever explain anything.


There is mention of nobility and assassins around the world, but what world is it? We’re never told. Maybe book 2 will explain a few more things? I found it annoying, especially as the plot got rolling, because I couldn’t figure out how important the nobles were in the grand scheme of things.

Overall, a fun read! I’m interested to see where the next few books take Jane and company.


About Hannah Cobb:

Hannah Cobb lives in Maryland, where she maintains a cover identity as a librarian by day and moonlights as a writer. When she isn’t writing, Hannah enjoys designing elaborate period costumes and collecting swords. Mortis is her first novel. You can find Hannah at

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