One of those days

Today was just one of those days.

This morning, we got up and discovered that one of our industrious children had relieved Daddy’s shaver of its gear-blades. Daddy had taken his shaver apart to clean it, and left the gear assembly on the sink to dry. One of our children discovered them, took them outside and lost them in a square acre of foot-tall grass.

So my poor husband went to work, unshaven. When he went to buy a new shaver, he discovered that a bill we’d already paid had auto-billed and cleaned out our checking account.

Then he discovered that a co-worker has been fired and he’s been loaded up with all of her hours. The money is welcome, but the unexpected stress is not.

Meanwhile, I had a decent day with the kids. But when I went to make my poor hubby some brownies, I used a little too much butter and ran out of cocoa, so they came out more like a pan of vaguely chocolate caramel.

Then the baby refused to go to sleep at the regular time.

Thank goodness the day is over. While I know we’ve had worse, it was just one of those days that the annoyances pile up.

5 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Well, the hours are good. Too bad about that bill. Life always seems to keep life interesting. I do hope the kids find the shaver.
    I also hope today is a much better day.


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