Why Christians shouldn’t write speculative fiction

I’ve come to the conclusion that Christians shouldn’t write speculative fiction at all. Especially not fantasy.

Pitchforks rattle in the distance, so let me explain.

I’ve been circulating around the Christian spec fic community for a couple of years now. Like any community, it has its sticking points that the community bickers over.

Magic or no magic?

If C. S. Lewis used Aslan to represent Jesus, I can use The Generic Christ Figure in MY book!

Angels? Nephilim? Demons? Aliens?

Wizards are BAD and EVIL

The Occult!!!!!!!!!111one




If you have a pantheon in your books UR GOIN 2 HELL

Christians should only read things that edify our souls in Christ! Pagan authors are doubtful at best and dangerous at worst! TRUTH!

Now, go into a bookstore/library. Pick up a random fantasy novel and read the back cover. It will involve:

Other mythical creatures/monsters
All of the above

These things are standard genre tropes. It’s the same as walking into the mystery section. There you will find:

A sleuth
Interesting ways of hiding the body

Now, imagine if Christians were whining, “Reading books where people die is against my principles! I want to write murder mysteries with no murder, no weapons, and no sleuth!”

It begs the question, “Then why are you trying to write this genre at all?”

That is the question that continually mystifies me.

3 thoughts on “Why Christians shouldn’t write speculative fiction

  1. Oh boy, feeling the need to mix things up a bit? Your question is what haunted me in the days of my life before Christ. As I tried to find the peace I so longed for and dabbled in the cults and even the occult, my problem I always came up against, what to do with Jesus. That was always the elephant in the room.
    You bring up interesting point and counterpoint issues. I think bottom line is what is God leading you to write about? Can you tell a good story.
    As always and I know you get tired of this, but write what you love. Write for the joy of writing. Be who God made you to be, He gave you a gift. Always remember, that you will be writing for His glory. I am reading the White Witch by Elisabeth Goudge.
    Great book, and full of wonderful ideas, and yet, it is full of how to live the Christian life. Without saying a word. It is being weaved as a weaver makes cloth, it is inside the story.
    Okay, I love how you still make me think. Great post.


  2. Thanks for your thought provoking post Kessie.

    A Christian who is a Christian in more than just name doesn’t have to worry about what they write, because it will always reflect the glory of God. To them the world is not split between sacred and secular. For them, all is sacred.

    Remember what Melkor said in the beginning of the Silmarillion:

    “And thou, Melkor, shalt see that no theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined.”

    Like William Stafford said, “If you live by truth, any thought belongs.” And a Christian who lives by truth will realize that even the “music in God’s despite” glorifies Him in the end. That includes all things, real or imagined.

    When we live life before the face of God, He will inform our writing and others may be surprised at what form that writing takes. It is the only way to write!


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