Bone broth healed my cold

Like the rest of the human race, I came down with a post-holiday cold. Too much candy and cookies finally did me in.

All I wanted was some good, hot soup. Fortunately, Nourished Kitchen posted a recipe for bone broth. I bought some beef bones and cooked up some stock. (It takes at least 12 hours, so into the slow cooker it went, overnight.)

Beef broth by Rainer Zenz via Wikimedia Commons
Beef broth by Rainer Zenz via Wikimedia Commons

Beef bone stock is one of those unsung super foods. It’s loaded with minerals, gelatin and good fats, and it heals a damaged intestine. What damages your intestine? Sugar.

Meanwhile, my cold worsened into the sneeze-and-blow-nose stage. In my experience, nothing beats it once it progresses that far.

The next day, I cooked up a pot of beef stew with the beef stock. We had it for lunch, and boy was it good. I positively stuffed on it. Then I laid down with the baby for a nap.

When I got up, zero sneezing. Zero runny nose. Minimal sinus pain. I was astonished. All afternoon and evening, lots of energy and no cold. It just vanished. I warmed up the stew and had it for dinner, too.

The next day, I felt so good, I went for a mile-and-change walk. This caused a relapse. Yay me! Not. Also I ate some chocolate that I should have left alone, and the cold came roaring back.

If I’d left sugar alone, I’m sure I’d have recovered much faster.

Also, as I was making/drinking lovely beef broth and stock, I was also making smoothies. Here’s the one I have to fight the kids for:

1 or 2 big green kale leaves
1 carrot, cut in small enough pieces that the blender can grab it
1/4th cup coconut milk (my favorite is first pressing unsweetened)
dash of orange juice
1 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup plain yogurt

Throw it all in the blender and do your own Will It Blend commercial, although hopefully with fewer explosions.

I also summoned all my courage and tried spreading bone marrow on toast. It tasted exactly like the stock did and was quite pleasant. Very fatty and rich. I was afraid it’d be very strong, like liver, but it wasn’t.

Moral of the story: Beef broth and veggies are good for you! Have you had any luck beating bugs with broths and things?


2 thoughts on “Bone broth healed my cold

  1. Well you make it sound good. I am so glad you find ways to make yourself well because we both know little kids and sick Moms are the worst. So glad you gave your recipe for the smoothie. It sounds yummy. I stand and look at Kale every time I go to the store so now I know how much to buy,
    I am glad you are well.


  2. Seriously about the sugar?? Oh man, I am in trouble. But I will have to say, I was so sick right over Christmas, and I remember thinking all I want is broth, give me some soup! (My hubby does not do soup.) So I made myself some with whatever I had in the fridge: some cabbage, celery, tomatoes, onions, chicken broth. I don’t even remember all the stuff I put in it. And it hit the spot. I definitely felt better after eating it.


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