First day of winter

It’s the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year. Now the days will get longer–but you know the saying.

As the days begin the lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen.

The kids are so pumped for Christmas. Having all these mysterious boxes piled in the bedroom may have something to do with that! They’re counting the days.

Out here in Arizona we’ve had some rain, but the weather is nothing like the blizzards and freezing rain elsewhere. I’m a soft desert dweller and I can’t imagine cold like that. On the flip side, most people up north can’t imagine 120 degrees, so it balances out. 🙂

New baby is a month old!


She’s a little handful. Like all my babies, she just hates being a baby and can’t wait to run around and play. She’s sleeping better at night, thank goodness. She lives in my baby sling so I can actually get stuff done.

I’ve recently become addicted to Turron Navidad, a Spanish candy made of honey, egg whites and almonds. You just cook it until it forms a nice caramel. I’ve gotten to where corn syrup makes me sick, and honey doesn’t. Plus the honey gets this lovely toasted flavor. And any excuse to eat almonds is okay by me!

Those are my random thoughts this chilly December morning. 🙂

2 thoughts on “First day of winter

  1. Oh she is so pretty, and look like C. I think. 🙂 I need to make some of that candy. I have every thing to make it.
    I had to clean my chicken coop though. What a nice thing to clean. Quick too, the best part is putting them all back and how happy they are. I think it is funny and nice how excited the kids are. Have a wonderful day.


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