Duck, duck, goose

It being the Christmas season, I’ve been thinking of how tired I am of turkey. I mean, seriously, Thanksgiving is quite enough turkey for me, thanks! We still have leftovers in the freezer.

Ham is a big seller, but we eat ham all the time on sandwiches. I can’t get real excited about cooking 10 pounds of ham.

So, as I circulated around our grocery store’s meat department, I happened to glance into the fridge bin and spotted … DUCK. And GOOSE, even!

I’ve never had duck or goose. No idea if I can cook them or if I’d like them.

I did find this really good article (with pictures) on how to cook a duck. And a big website of how to cook wild duck and goose!

Duck and goose seem to be considered red meat, because you do things like pan-sear breast meat to medium rare. But I’ve never had it, and I’m unsure how to cook something I’ve never tasted.

Anybody ever tried duck or goose? How do they taste? Any recipes stood you in good stead?

One thought on “Duck, duck, goose

  1. I’ve never tried them, but I’ve heard duck is richer and greasier (in a tasty way) than chicken. It sounds delicious! Apparently right now is water fowl season and we have been talking about hunting our own Christmas dinner… It might happen next year! If you cook one let us know how it turns out!


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