Boring descriptions of popular stories

A while ago, a friend of mine on Tumblr participated in a little meme: describe books in the most boring way possible.

Her description of her comic, A waitress misses work for several months.

My hubby and I came up with more:

Star Wars: An orphan discovers the identity of his parents.

Girl Genius: An orphan discovers the identity of her parents.

Harry Potter: An orphan discovers the identity of his parents.

A Christmas Carol: A grumpy old man gives his employee a day off.

Bleak House: A man wins a lawsuit.

The Hunger Games: A girl participates in a contest.

Lord of the Rings: Nine guys go on a road trip.

Toy Story: A kid gets a new toy.

Toy Story 2: A toy is stolen.

Toy Story 3: Toys get thrown away.

Wreck It Ralph: An old guy questions his career.

The Incredibles: A family has dysfunction.

Finding Nemo: A recluse leaves home.

The Avengers: A group of people do a job.

Grimm: A guy studies his family ancestry.

Doctor Who: An old guy studies history.

Mythbusters: Some people do science projects.

Some of my friends’ books, just for giggles:

The Windrider Saga by Minor: An elf learns to pray.

Secrets Kept by Mbewe: A girl carries a knife.

Wishing Well Curse by Donovan: A guy learns about his ancestors.

Sanctuary by Creeden: A girl and her brother run across town.

Finding Angel by Heckenbach: A girl looks for her parents.

3 thoughts on “Boring descriptions of popular stories

  1. Ha! Thanks for including me on the list. This gave me a good chuckle for the morning.

    I’ll add one: Star Trek: People wander around the universe and try not to bug anyone too much.


  2. Hah! Cool :). Thanks for including Finding Angel, too!

    The Avengers one is perfect–how more boring could that be made :P.

    I wonder if trying to make your blurb sound boring might trigger ways to make it good!


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