Thanksgiving recipes!

I always try to cook something for Thanksgiving. We always go to family’s on the day of, and I like to contribute, even if its only a dessert.

This year, what with a new baby (who insists on being held at all times), I’m limiting myself to just a pie. What pie, do you ask? Why, my sister in law’s decadent chocolate mousse pie!


I had a hard time finding this recipe–apparently mousse is usually made with whipped egg whites, not heavy cream. But I wanted the heavy stuff. Plus it’s really easy to make.

Then hubby came home from the store saying they were out of pre made Oreo pie crusts. HORRORS! Wait, can you make those from scratch?

Yes you can!

So, if the store is still out, I can make my own delicious chocolate cookie crust. I’d rather just buy it–new baby and all–but desperate times and desperate measures. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving recipes!

  1. In the olden days, when there were no premade graham or oreo crusts, you did have to make your own. Just throw some oreos in a bag, and have the kids beat them up. IT works great and they kids get some exercise. I do hope you find some crusts, new baby and all. 🙂


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