Storm Chase goes live!

Storm Chase is finally live! This is the obligatory “OMG I SELF PUBLISHED A BOOK” post, so feel free to skip if you like.


Buy now on Amazon for .99!

Carda is the Strider of Chronos. But figuring out what that means may cost him his life.

Struggling through high school in Phoenix, Arizona was hard enough, but now Carda’s hands are burning with magical fire and lightning. Worse, they affect time and space. Now all kinds of people want Carda dead, from a killer angel to the head of the extra-world Council.

Fortunately he has allies—his twin sister Michelle manipulates gravity with dance. His rival Indal is secretly a time mage—until Carda accidentally turns him into a werewolf. There’s Ben, a black time-traveling lizard. And Xironi, a gorgeous catgirl with a growing crush on Carda.

Together they face the most horrifying enemy of all—an inept mage with far too much power. This power unleashes a chaotic subspace storm that consumes worlds—and Earth is next on the menu.

Young Adult fantasy, 12+

It’s still a work in progress. I’ve got it sent out to a bunch of beta readers, and I’ll do an update on the book once they weigh back in. Self publishing is just a fancy way of saying “putting it online with a price tag attached”. So the writing had better be darned good. Fortunately Amazon lets you tweak the file as much as you like.

That said, it’s sure a relief to have this book out there. I feel like the way is clear for me to work on books 2 and 3.

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