A thankful post

It’s November and I haven’t done any Thankful posts! Usually I’d try to do a few leading up to Thanksgiving, but I forgot this year. Without further ado, I’m thankful for:

My wonderful hard working husband. He’s so sweet and kind, and I’m so blessed to have him.

My crazy, goofy kids.

For my son, and his enthusiasm for Pokemon. We’re all on a Pokemon craze right now. We were walking through the grocery store yesterday, having an in depth discussion about battle strategy, and I wondered if passersby thought we were totally nerds. 🙂

For my oldest daughter and her whimsy. She floats in a world of mermaids, dragons and magic, and I’m constantly amazed at her imagination.

For my youngest daughter and her cheerful nature. She’s always a little spot of sunshine. She does need a playmate, since she gets left out of playing with the other two. This new baby is coming along at just the right time.

For my boring, uneventful pregnancy. Boring is good! Hoping for a boring, uneventful labor, too.

For my loving parents, who give me emotional support when I need it.

For all my siblings, who I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing.

For my gracious parents in law, who are getting a crash course in dealing with a young family.

For God, who answers my prayers and questions so quickly and precisely. His latest encouragement was my favorite verse from Philippians, about forgetting about what lies behind, and straining toward that which lies ahead. 🙂

What are you thankful for?

3 thoughts on “A thankful post

  1. Great list! Gosh, they’re getting so big! C looks like she’s grown a mile since the wedding. I hope you’ll be able to come visit for a holiday soon!


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