Wednesday random

It’s November and 78 degrees. Hello, Arizona!

Great way to entertain a two year old: a squirt bottle filled with water. She’s been completely entertained for an hour now and going strong.

I’m down to the last couple of weeks of pregnancy, and boy am I ready to have this kid. I think she’s bored in there, because whenever the other munchkins play really noisily around me, the baby gets excited. Future sports champ, I think.

Everything’s just about set up for the baby. My biggest worry is actually clothes. I got rid of all my baby stuff when we moved, not knowing I was pregnant. I thought I had a bag somewhere that I’d saved, but I guess not. Goodwill always has tons of used clothes, though, and it won’t hurt the munchkin to go around in a diaper and blankets. Babies always stay wrapped up anyway, and its not exactly cold out here!

I’ve been reading about the health benefits of kale. I’m always anemic and it’s high in iron and all that stuff. But I have a mental block about assembling salads out of strange leaves. Then I read about putting it in a smoothie. So today I crammed a foot-long kale leaf, a chopped apple, and lemon juice into my blender. It tasted like grass. Desperate, I threw in a banana, which salvaged the flavor nicely.

And it was so green, the kids wouldn’t touch it. Score! Well, Holly did, but she didn’t exactly demand her own glassful.

So that’s what’s been happening in my corner lately. 🙂


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