Plugged in

On Friday afternoon, Cox came out to shut off the Internet next door, since our neighbor was moving out. They shut off our Internet instead.

We then went all weekend with no Internet and only got it fixed yesterday.

It was annoying, but also nice to take a break. Talk to people face to face. My hubby got me hooked on the Stanley Parable, which I want to play with the kids so we can talk about it.

I wrote a lot on my iPod. Chewed through a new story outline, even. I am the flying single-finger typist!

I also cooked a ton of food and messed with house stuff, trying to reduce visual clutter. I’m almost nine months pregnant and nesting is hitting hard.

We were making my daughter’s bed yesterday and a mosquito flew out of her blankets. So yesterday I washed the kids’ linens. I’m so tired of mosquitos. I hope they don’t carry malaria anymore, because that’s how much we’ve been bitten.

So, having no Internet is incentive to get things done! Maybe I should unplug more often.


2 thoughts on “Plugged in

  1. I hear ya about unplugging! I’m contemplating of doing that soon. Not sure if I’ve told you, but congrats on the baby! Such precious times! I can’t believe typing on an ipod, but whatever works right? I’ve done a blog post a few time that way. šŸ™‚


  2. Wow bummer on no internet but good for you I guess. I sometimes think about it. My screen is going out and I wonder what I will do when it does, part of me just doesn’t want to replace it. I hope you are having a nice day.


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